There is a Cassiopeia Project that goes over a bit about entanglement. I believe it is in the Quantum Mechanics sections — chapters 5 and 6? Here is a blurb:

"When two (or more) particles interact, their wave functions become entangled in
such a way that some properties of each are now depending on what happens to
the other particle.

Then, these particles can be carefully separated, while in careful isolation to
distant locales, but as long as they are not disturbed, they are still entangled and
still have properties dependent on each other.

Then when one particle is examined to see what it’s individual property might be,
the wave function instantly disentangles – physicists would say the wave function
collapses. INSTANTLY, the other particle has its co-dependent properties
disentangled and determined.”

Physics requires an open and creative mind. Damn you, math education! Y U Be so Shitty!?

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Posted on Wednesday, 15 June
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