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"im not a feminist"


for real tho

Don’t live the same year 75 times and call it a life.
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Being honest may not get you a lot of friends but it’ll always get you the right ones

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I used to be an amazing liar. I grew up in a lying household, not out of hate or malice, but because the adults I so often had to deal with behaved more like children. Lying was a time saver and a coping mechanism. The older I got, the more I saw how lies only breed anxiety and confusion. When people are dishonest by default, you never know how they feel - about anything, even the good things. You can’t trust them, they can’t trust you. Being friends is impossible. Honesty then, does not just lead you to the “right” friends, but to the true ones. In my book, those are the only ones that count. These days I’m the world’s shittiest liar, and although I still have my issues with trust from time to time, I at least strive to be a person those around me can trust, and believe the best in them, as well. Making the shift from avoidant, convenient lies to hard (or often, not so hard) truths was challenging at first, but as with most things, the more I just fessed up, the easier it became. Now there is no going back, and all of life is easier because of it.

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Is 10a.m. on a Thursday too early for wine? Probsibly………….


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One. Do not promise when you’re happy.
Two. When you are angry, do not respond.
Three. Do not decide when you’re sad.

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happy promises can be okay, as long as you respect yourself and those you speak to enough to remain honest when things feel easy (as well as when they feel hard)

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